The Last Sunday

Places and People, District Museum in Bydgoszcz

The socialist realist 10th-Anniversary Stadium in the 1990’s turned into a huge international marketplace. A side effect of this change was creating in generally ethnically monolithic Warsaw a huge stronghold of multiculturalism. This value of Stadium was fully appreciated in the twilight of the market existence when its demolition had already been sealed, and impetuous and wild trade was infected with the melancholy virus.

Apart from goods for sale the marketplace offered nonmaterial goods, that is exoticism. It was consumed literally: people went to Stadium bars serving world cuisine, of which the most distinct was Vietnamese cuisine. In the twilight of the market it was trendy among artistic intellectuals of Warsaw to visit the Stadium and eat in the Vietnamese bars. But before it became so trendy, Dorota Podlaska with her friends and acquaintances had already been eating there. Among her acquaintances there were more and more Vietnemese.

Stach Szabłowski

Fragment of text – catalogue for exhibition Places and People at District Museum in Bydgoszcz