Sweet, Bitter, Sour

Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw

The event took place in the frame of Talk to Me About Life and Art project realized by Laboratory of Creative Education CCA Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. The aim of the project was to gain new viewers of contemporary art by attracting people, who maybe were not visitors of galleries with art so far, to take part in creative activities. Group of artists representing different art genres and using different techniques, materials and art languages were “talking” with passers by about “life and art” on Warsaw street.

“Sweeet, Bitter and Sour” invited passers by to taste food in five different colours and flavors and connect them to their memories and emotions.

In contact with art we usually engage senses of sight, sometimes touch and hearing. It is very rare that we use senses of taste or smell. But those senses we use widely everyday. If art wants to be close to life it should incorporate also them. Especiallly, that researchers have found that taste-related metaphors such as ‘sweet’ actually engage the emotional centers of the brain more than literal words such as ‘kind’ that have the same meaning. Such metaphors are very popularto describe actions and emotions – we experience bitter-sweet life, we get sweet kisses, cry bitter tears, the relationships with sweeties can have bitter end,  the idea can stink, statement can be bland we can have heated debate, etc….

Photo: Zbigniew Gozdecki