Reisefieber, Rondo Sztuki Gallery, Katowice

 Manually crafting handbags is my way of coping with the “reisefieber” (german expression for travel anxiety). I like travelling a lot. Which means – I like to be in different places, sightseeing, exploring, beeing excitied. But I hate moving from place to place, the boredom and confinement in a car, plane or wagon. I am always nervous before travel.

The therapeutic effect of needlework has been known for ages, and it helped me survive many journeys in peace and harmony. Handbag is an object which I always carry with me and I can deal with it at whenever time allows, during travel or waiting. First I prepare its body, as if it was the canvas, I throw some wool and few needles inside, and I can relax handicrafting at any convenient moment. I knit and embroider on trains, airplanes, subways, cars. Finished bag gives a nice sense of success: the time has not been wasted, I managed to achieve something, even if it was merely smallest element. And I can peacefully think over so many things!

My collection of handbags is constantly growing. If you are interested in purchasing – please contact me.